Kilimanjaro 2017.08 Dispatches

The Madison Mountaineering Climb for Conservation team reached the top of Kilimanjaro yesterday with 100% success, all 12 members stood on the summit with amazing views over Tanzania!  Not only did we climb the highest mountain in Africa, we climbed for conservation to raise awareness and funds for the critically endangered Rhinos of Tanzania.  The team raised close to $10,000 with the non-profit Climb for Conservation to be donated to the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary.  Before the climb, the team spent a day visiting the Sanctuary.  We look forward to more climbs for conservation in the future!

Yesterday our Climb for Conservation Kilimanjaro team met in Moshe and is making final preparations for our trek up Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro 19,340′.  This climb is a fundraiser for the non profit Climb for Conservation, so we made a trip to the Rhino sanctuary just a couple of hours away to observe a few Rhinos and other animals in their native habitat.  After our day trip to see the Rhinos we returned to our hotel and completed a gear check and then had a team dinner.